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Friday, July 5, 2013

Chapter 21: Nutello's Inventions

"Tiggerpaka! Come in, Tiggerpaka."
"Roger that, Nutello. Whadda you want?"
Nutello was sitting in her HQ. She had finished her inventions and wanted to call a meeting to present them. "I've finished my inventions," Nutello said eagerly, "can you call a meeting so I can present them to the other minions? Please?"
"Why should I?" Tiggerpaka demanded.
"I'll make it worth your while," Nutello smiled.
"Hmm. Alright then, Nutello. What shall you do in return?" Tiggerpaka asked.
"I'll show you at the meeting," Nutello replied simply. "Trust me, it's good."
"Okay Nutello. I will call the minions to the meeting," Tiggerpaka replied.

At the meeting room, everyone was sitting in their chairs. Two additional chairs had been added for Huntress and Umbrello. Nutello's seat was empty since she was the one who was presenting in front of everyone. Dazzle was standing at the table where Nutello usually sat. Tiggerpaka stood up. "Nutello wishes to show her inventions," Tiggerpaka muttered. "This better be good."
"Oh, it is sir," Nutello assured. "Here." She pressed a button on a remote and out from the door wheeled in what looked like a gumball machine, filled with what looked like different colored gumballs.
"Looks like an ordinary gumball machine to me," Nota Bene commented.
"Well it isn't," Nutello insisted. "Since Tiggerpaka let me present my inventions during work hours, I made this for him. They're all grub flavored, actually, and you don't have to pay to get any of the grubs. Just press the button," Nutello pressed a red button on the machine, "and a ball comes out." Indeed, a ball fell out of the machine. Nutello caught it and tossed it to Tiggerpaka, who almost dropped the ball but managed to catch it. "Try it, Tiggerpaka."
Tiggerpaka took a bite. His eyes grew wide. "Delicious!"
"Yes. And it refills itself every time you take one out." Nutello said.
"Brilliant, Nutello! Best invention ever!" Tiggerpaka exclaimed.
Nutello nodded. "I'll put this in your HQ after the meeting. Next invention!" She pressed a button, and a tube-like object came out from the door. "Now this is a weapon summoner. It has all of our favorite weapons. Yeah...while all of you were distracted I took your weapons."
"What?!" Eagle Eye exclaimed.
"But don't worry!" Nutello put her paws up. "What you do..." she stepped onto a pad by the tube. "Welcome, Nutello," said a soothing female voice.
"It detects your feet," Nutello nodded.
"Yer feet?" Yoho cocked his head.
"Yeah," Nutello confirmed. "Now, your feet will log you into your account. See this screen?" She pointed to a box displayed on the tube. (Not a real box. A box that's like, on your computer) "What you do is you tap an app--"
"Ooh! That rhymes!" Tiggerpaka exclaimed.
"Uh, yes..." Nutello nodded slowly. "There are several apps: 'About Weapons', which displays information about the weapons stored on your account. 'Use a Weapon', which you can tap--" Nutello tapped the app, and it showed a large selection of weapon pictures, "And it shows all of the weapons you currently have stored. Tap one, and--" The box moved to the left-hand corner of the tube, and a bomb showed, floating in the tube.
"Is this the weapon you wish to use?" asked the female voice.
"Tap 'yes'," Nutello pressed a "Yes" button. The bomb then floated up to the top of the tube and a hatch opened. The bomb moved up out of the tube on a platform. Nutello grabbed it. "And you can take it. If you want to put it back, log back on and tap the app 'Store Weapon'." Nutello tapped the Store Weapon app.
"Would you like to put back a used weapon, or a new weapon?" the female voice asked.
"If you select 'new weapon', you got to register what weapon it is and you can name your weapon too," Nutello nodded.
"Ooh! I'm going to take a gun and name it 'Cupcake shooter'!" Anonsi said.
"Brilliant as always, Anonsi," Tiggerpaka nodded, "but you should call it 'Tiggerpaka Rocks'."
"Anyway," Nutello continued, "if you tap 'Used Weapon', the platform will come back out--" Nutello tapped the 'Used Weapon' button and the platform rose out. Nutello put the bomb back on the platform and it went back into the tube, and the box returned to the center. 'Registering...' it said. Then, after it loaded the words said, 'Done!' and the bomb disappeared.
"Also, there's a bonus," Nutello said, as the box returned to the home screen. "If you select the 'News' app, it will tell you the news Tiggerpaka wishes to share. Tiggerpaka, if you sign in," Nutello looked at Tiggerpaka, "You have an 'Edit News' app which you can write in."
"Wonderful!" Tiggerpaka said, "Now I can write about my love of grubs."
"Er...Try using it productively," Nutello replied. "And there's also a 'Notes' app where you can write stuff down. That's all."
The minions clapped.
"Wonderful invention!" Milne cheered.
"Thanks," Nutello returned. "There's another invention." Nutello pressed a button and a new invention wheeled in. It was a pair of goggles. "Now, this is the Info Goggles. Put them on..." Nutello strapped the goggles on. Everything appeared green.
"Yeh look like a nerd!" Yoho laughed.
"You, be quiet," Nutello said. "So it tells you things about animals you see. For example..." she pressed a button on the side, and a red box began moving over their faces slowly. When it landed on Tiggerpaka, Nutello pressed the button again, and a box appeared next to Tiggerpaka's face that said: "TIGGERPAKA. TIGGERPAKA'S SIDE. FACTS: WAS ONCE A HILLBILLY NAMED CLETUS. YOHO'S COUSIN. HQ: AT THE END OF THE HALLWAY."
"It tells you their name, what side they're on, facts, and where their HQ is located if you zoom in on them. I zoomed in on Tiggerpaka, for example. And it said: 'Tiggerpaka. Tiggerpaka's side. Facts: Was once a hillbilly named Cletus. Yoho's cousin. HQ: At the end of the hallway.'"
"Remove those facts!" Tiggerpaka hissed.
"Sorry. Can't. The goggle's notes can't be deleted," Nutello shrugged.
Wolfward raised her paw. "But what about civilians?"
"Well, it'll just say their name and facts about them. For their side it'll say 'Civilian'," Nutello explained.
"Does it say where our enemies' HQs are?" Nota Bene asked.
"Nope, because we don't exactly know that yet," Nutello responded. "That's all."
"Only three inventions?" Umbrello said.
"Yeah. The weapon summoner took up most of my time," Nutello replied.
"Meeting dismissed!" Tiggerpaka announced. "Nutello! Get the grub machine into my office."

Author's Note:
Like the inventions? ;)


  1. ooh! can you make me a reese cup gumball machine?!!?

    please please please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I like the weapon summoner c: