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Friday, July 5, 2013

Chapter 21: Nutello's Inventions

"Tiggerpaka! Come in, Tiggerpaka."
"Roger that, Nutello. Whadda you want?"
Nutello was sitting in her HQ. She had finished her inventions and wanted to call a meeting to present them. "I've finished my inventions," Nutello said eagerly, "can you call a meeting so I can present them to the other minions? Please?"
"Why should I?" Tiggerpaka demanded.
"I'll make it worth your while," Nutello smiled.
"Hmm. Alright then, Nutello. What shall you do in return?" Tiggerpaka asked.
"I'll show you at the meeting," Nutello replied simply. "Trust me, it's good."
"Okay Nutello. I will call the minions to the meeting," Tiggerpaka replied.

At the meeting room, everyone was sitting in their chairs. Two additional chairs had been added for Huntress and Umbrello. Nutello's seat was empty since she was the one who was presenting in front of everyone. Dazzle was standing at the table where Nutello usually sat. Tiggerpaka stood up. "Nutello wishes to show her inventions," Tiggerpaka muttered. "This better be good."
"Oh, it is sir," Nutello assured. "Here." She pressed a button on a remote and out from the door wheeled in what looked like a gumball machine, filled with what looked like different colored gumballs.
"Looks like an ordinary gumball machine to me," Nota Bene commented.
"Well it isn't," Nutello insisted. "Since Tiggerpaka let me present my inventions during work hours, I made this for him. They're all grub flavored, actually, and you don't have to pay to get any of the grubs. Just press the button," Nutello pressed a red button on the machine, "and a ball comes out." Indeed, a ball fell out of the machine. Nutello caught it and tossed it to Tiggerpaka, who almost dropped the ball but managed to catch it. "Try it, Tiggerpaka."
Tiggerpaka took a bite. His eyes grew wide. "Delicious!"
"Yes. And it refills itself every time you take one out." Nutello said.
"Brilliant, Nutello! Best invention ever!" Tiggerpaka exclaimed.
Nutello nodded. "I'll put this in your HQ after the meeting. Next invention!" She pressed a button, and a tube-like object came out from the door. "Now this is a weapon summoner. It has all of our favorite weapons. Yeah...while all of you were distracted I took your weapons."
"What?!" Eagle Eye exclaimed.
"But don't worry!" Nutello put her paws up. "What you do..." she stepped onto a pad by the tube. "Welcome, Nutello," said a soothing female voice.
"It detects your feet," Nutello nodded.
"Yer feet?" Yoho cocked his head.
"Yeah," Nutello confirmed. "Now, your feet will log you into your account. See this screen?" She pointed to a box displayed on the tube. (Not a real box. A box that's like, on your computer) "What you do is you tap an app--"
"Ooh! That rhymes!" Tiggerpaka exclaimed.
"Uh, yes..." Nutello nodded slowly. "There are several apps: 'About Weapons', which displays information about the weapons stored on your account. 'Use a Weapon', which you can tap--" Nutello tapped the app, and it showed a large selection of weapon pictures, "And it shows all of the weapons you currently have stored. Tap one, and--" The box moved to the left-hand corner of the tube, and a bomb showed, floating in the tube.
"Is this the weapon you wish to use?" asked the female voice.
"Tap 'yes'," Nutello pressed a "Yes" button. The bomb then floated up to the top of the tube and a hatch opened. The bomb moved up out of the tube on a platform. Nutello grabbed it. "And you can take it. If you want to put it back, log back on and tap the app 'Store Weapon'." Nutello tapped the Store Weapon app.
"Would you like to put back a used weapon, or a new weapon?" the female voice asked.
"If you select 'new weapon', you got to register what weapon it is and you can name your weapon too," Nutello nodded.
"Ooh! I'm going to take a gun and name it 'Cupcake shooter'!" Anonsi said.
"Brilliant as always, Anonsi," Tiggerpaka nodded, "but you should call it 'Tiggerpaka Rocks'."
"Anyway," Nutello continued, "if you tap 'Used Weapon', the platform will come back out--" Nutello tapped the 'Used Weapon' button and the platform rose out. Nutello put the bomb back on the platform and it went back into the tube, and the box returned to the center. 'Registering...' it said. Then, after it loaded the words said, 'Done!' and the bomb disappeared.
"Also, there's a bonus," Nutello said, as the box returned to the home screen. "If you select the 'News' app, it will tell you the news Tiggerpaka wishes to share. Tiggerpaka, if you sign in," Nutello looked at Tiggerpaka, "You have an 'Edit News' app which you can write in."
"Wonderful!" Tiggerpaka said, "Now I can write about my love of grubs."
"Er...Try using it productively," Nutello replied. "And there's also a 'Notes' app where you can write stuff down. That's all."
The minions clapped.
"Wonderful invention!" Milne cheered.
"Thanks," Nutello returned. "There's another invention." Nutello pressed a button and a new invention wheeled in. It was a pair of goggles. "Now, this is the Info Goggles. Put them on..." Nutello strapped the goggles on. Everything appeared green.
"Yeh look like a nerd!" Yoho laughed.
"You, be quiet," Nutello said. "So it tells you things about animals you see. For example..." she pressed a button on the side, and a red box began moving over their faces slowly. When it landed on Tiggerpaka, Nutello pressed the button again, and a box appeared next to Tiggerpaka's face that said: "TIGGERPAKA. TIGGERPAKA'S SIDE. FACTS: WAS ONCE A HILLBILLY NAMED CLETUS. YOHO'S COUSIN. HQ: AT THE END OF THE HALLWAY."
"It tells you their name, what side they're on, facts, and where their HQ is located if you zoom in on them. I zoomed in on Tiggerpaka, for example. And it said: 'Tiggerpaka. Tiggerpaka's side. Facts: Was once a hillbilly named Cletus. Yoho's cousin. HQ: At the end of the hallway.'"
"Remove those facts!" Tiggerpaka hissed.
"Sorry. Can't. The goggle's notes can't be deleted," Nutello shrugged.
Wolfward raised her paw. "But what about civilians?"
"Well, it'll just say their name and facts about them. For their side it'll say 'Civilian'," Nutello explained.
"Does it say where our enemies' HQs are?" Nota Bene asked.
"Nope, because we don't exactly know that yet," Nutello responded. "That's all."
"Only three inventions?" Umbrello said.
"Yeah. The weapon summoner took up most of my time," Nutello replied.
"Meeting dismissed!" Tiggerpaka announced. "Nutello! Get the grub machine into my office."

Author's Note:
Like the inventions? ;)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Chapter 20: Umbra's First Mission

Umbra entered one room, glancing excitedly around. This was her first day as a minion, and she didn't want to mess it up. The Night Fury was in a flight room, where all minions who could fly were launched into the air.
Umbra stepped onto a launch pad, ready for her first mission; infiltrate Tiredblade's base, or at least find some information on his whereabouts. A radio was strapped to the saddle on her back, to call for backup, or to report them what she had found, along with a dagger, throwing knives, smoke bombs, and more cool stuff, just in case. Umbra didn't get the weapons part, but Tiggerpaka had insisted that she take them. Claws and her plasma fire was all she needed.
Suddenly, her radio tuned in, and Tiggerpaka's voice was heard from it.
" you hear me Umbrello?"
"Yes, I do, the radio works very well," Umbra answered. She glanced at the door, and saw that he had entered the room.
"Hmmm...the other minions have finished the flight room." Tiggerpaka turned to Umbra. "Good luck, Umbrello."
"Thanks," Umbra activated the launch pad, and it shot her up and out of a hole that was opening for her to enter through.

Umbra flapped harder as the harsh winds and pouring rain pushed against her. The weather wasn't cooperating very well, but she had to finish her mission and return to HQ.
Her radio suddenly started making noises, and a voice came in.
"Umbrello! There's terrible weather outside, you better speed it up!"
"Ya think?" she muttered.
"What did you say?"
"Err, nothing sir. I'll be right back." She folded her wings, and dove down, hoping to see any signs of Tiredblade.
"Aha!" Umbra suddenly spotted something suspicious.
"Sir! I've found one of Tiredblade's minions!"
"Good work Umbrello! Now follow it!"
"Yes sir!"
She landed behind a rock, and peeked from over it. The minion had accidently dropped something, but it didn't seem to notice. Umbra waited until it had left, and then walked over, grabbing a stick and poking it. When the thing didn't react, she took out a clear box, scooped up the item, and put it in the box, shutting the lid.
"What did you find?"
"A strange item dropped by one minion. I put it in one of those explosion-stopping containers."
"Good, come back!"
Umbra snatched a camera from her items, and took pictures of her surroundings, then spread her wings and lifted off.

Author's Note: Sorry this is so short, I didn't know what to write.

Chapter 19: The Minion Auditions

Outside of Nutello's HQ, you could hear the sound of power drills, hammers, stomping, banging and clattering. Inside, Nutello was working hard to build something. What it is, I can't tell you until she is finished, for it'd ruin the surprise.
Dazzle was curled up at the desk, trying to sleep, but the sounds from the invention room were so loud it was impossible. Dazzle covered her ears with her paws and eventually gave up. Shaking her head, Dazzle began to approach the invention room to see what was up, and for whatever reason, the invention room went silent.
"What is it, Tiggerpaka?" came Nutello's voice.
"Minion meeting! Come down!" said Tiggerpaka's voice through a walky-talky.
"Ugh! I'm in the middle of an invention...! Oh, fine, I guess..." Nutello muttered. She then came out of the invention room and spotted Dazzle standing there. "Dazzle! There's a minion meeting I have to go to." Nutello picked Dazzle up and put her rat on her shoulder, and walked out of the HQ and into the hall.
The hallway was empty. Nutello walked to the end of the hall and to a door at the right. Nutello walked inside the door which revealed a very, very long table with many, many, many chairs. A big computer was on the wall over the table.
"No one's here?" Nutello said aloud.
"Nutello!" Tiggerpaka hopped onto the table. "Arrange the table, judge version!"
"Got it," Nutello muttered. She pressed a button on the wall and the table moved sideways and back against the wall. Some of the chairs sunk under the floor and others sat against the table, enough for all of the minions to sit behind. In the middle was a bigger chair for Tiggerpaka. It was a table that was in the position like judges at a TV show or a play.
Then, the other minions came pouring in. Nutello sat at the chair with the name card "NUTELLO", right next to Tiggerpaka's chair. Dazzle sat on the table at Nutello's section, and the other minions took their seats. Milne sat on the other side of Nutello.
Once all the minions were sitting in their chairs, Tiggerpaka took his place in his huge chair. "I suppose you're all wondering why I've gathered you here today."
"Yeah! I wuz wonderin', 'cause I be in deh middle of a great nap!" called out Yoho, sitting at the very end of the table.
"Yoho!" Tiggerpaka glared, "what are you doing here?"
"Heard dere was a meetin', Clet-er, Tiggerpapa. So I 'cided teh show up," Yoho responded.
"Rednecks..." Tiggerpaka muttered. "Yes! We had two open minion spots, and some animals decided to audition for the parts."
"Ooh! So we'll be judging them?" Milne exclaimed.
"Correct, Milne! I should've made you Intelligence Officer," Tiggerpaka smiled.
"Hey, that's my job!" Nutello exclaimed.
"Of course, Nutello," Tiggerpaka nodded. "First animal! Come on in."
With that, ten or so chipmunks ran through the door.
"Hey! How'd you guys get from TFEOB to here?" Tiggerpaka demanded.
The chipmunks all looked at Tiggerpaka but didn't respond.
"Whatever. Show me what you can do," Tiggerpaka leaned back in his chair.
The chipmunks then all started squeaking at Tiggerpaka.
"Yes, I am aware yelling like idiots is one of your talents!... No, this is a different story, the others are not aware of the talents you have! Come on, show us it! ...Fine. Dismissed!" Tiggerpaka snapped.
Nutello exchanged looks with Milne.
"Sorry about that," Tiggerpaka muttered. "Next!"
Then, a beautiful weasel stepped through the doors.
"An' who migh' you be?" Yoho said, looking interested.
"Bonnie Sue," responded the weasel.
"Bonnie Sue?!" Yoho responded. "What're you doing here?"
"I followed you," Bonnie Sue responded. She then put her paw to her forehead. "Such a perilous trek! I thought I may never come out alive! I almost died of starvation! Very few animals could ever make it this far from Alabama!" she cried.
Yoho rolled his eyes. "Yup, she be a drama queen."
"Well, she's more prettier than I remember," Tiggerpaka muttered.
"Miss Bonnie Sue? What are your talents?" Nutello called out, trying to get things moving.
"SHUSHHHHHHHH! NOOOO!" Tiggerpaka and Yoho both yelled out at once.
"What--?" Nutello began, but then saw why they were acting like that.
"Well, I am a very good actor, and I was in the drama club when I was in school. And I also happen to be very good at debating, arguing and mathematics and science, I also am good at describing things and writing plays and reading--" Bonnie Sue said, so quickly Nutello had trouble keeping up.
"Dismissed!" Tiggerpaka exclaimed, facepalming.
Bonnie Sue bowed and trotted out the door.
"Always wuz a drama queen," Yoho muttered.
"Next!" Tiggerpaka called, still looking frustrated.
After Bonnie Sue came a big dragon. Nutello looked at the dragon. "It's a Night Fury!" she exclaimed.
"A what?" Nota Bene said, her notepad filled with notes..
"Night Fury. Ever seen the movie 'How to Train Your Dragon'?" Nutello responded.
"Ah! Okay, Nick Fury," Tiggerpaka said.
"I'm a Night Fury," responded the Night Fury, "Not a Nick Fury."
"Right, right, right...whatever," Tiggerpaka murmured. "What is your name?"
"My name is Umbra," the Night Fury responded.
"What are your talents?" Nutello asked Umbra.
"Well...I'm very fast and I've travelled around the world many times. I know a lot about different countries and landmarks...Italy actually does look like a boot, they weren't lying. I've also landed in different countries as well to gather information on the places. Did you know that Spain's name came from the word 'Ispania', meaning 'land of the rabbits'?" Umbra said.
Everyone looked at Nutello.
"Alright, so I didn't know where Spain's name originated from. So what?!" Nutello exclaimed.
"I like you!" Tiggerpaka smiled. "Good job. Dismissed." Umbra nodded and left the room.
"Maybe sh' 'ould be yer new 'telligence Ociffer," Yoho said.
"I'm Intelligence Officer!" Nutello insisted.
"Nutello is right. Umbra may know a lot about rabbits, but I'll bet she isn't as smart as Nutello. I think I may know a job for her, she aced the audition," Tiggerpaka nodded. "She shall be our Navigation Officer. Her code name can be Umbrello," Tiggerpaka nodded, turning to Nota Bene. "Right that down, please."
Nota Bene nodded and took out her fifteenth notepad and began writing.
"Next!" Tiggerpaka called.
Out from the door came a huge, beautiful winged fox. "Hi!" she said.
"Hello. And what is your name?" Wolfward asked.
"E.Orr," responded the winged fox.
"Your talents?" Nutello asked.
"Well, let's see...I am a brilliant hunter," E.Orr said.
Tiggerpaka immediately perked up with interest. "Really?!"
"Bet it reminds 'im of 'ole Uncle Billy Bob," Yoho muttered.
"Yeah. Where I come from I was trained to be a great tracker. I can detect scents through any landscape...desert, frozen tundra, Las Vegas, you name it," E.Orr noded.
"Las Vegas? That must be hard," Nutello nodded.
"Of course it must be hard. Many people must get lost in Lost Vegas!" Tiggerpaka nodded.
Nutello facepawed.
"Hmm. Alright, dismissed," Tiggerpaka said.
E.Orr nodded and walked out the door.
"She's in," Tiggerpaka nodded, "her name shall be Huntress, and she'll be our hunter."
Nota Bene quickly scribbled that down in her notepad.
"Next!" Tiggerpaka called.
No one came in.
"That's all?" Tiggerpaka scratched his head.
"Apparently," Nutello shrugged.
"Oh well. Our two new minions are Umbrello and Huntress!" Tiggerpaka cheered.
"Yes! Finally, I can get back to my inventions!" Nutello cheered along.
"Dismissed!" Tiggerpaka said.

Author's Note:
When Yoho said "Intelligence Officer", I purposely made him say "Ociffer". Try saying it like that.

Fun chapter to write indeed.
I saw there were new minions so I decided to introduce them.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Chapter 18: The Embarrassing YouTube Video

Dazzle was twitching her whiskers in amusement at a video she found on YouTube. It was posted by a channel called "FirebladeTheEpic". She grinned in silent laughter and clicked the "like" button on the video (she was using Nutello's YouTube account).
Suddenly, something caught Dazzle's eye. One of the smaller computers surrounding the larger one showed Tiggerpaka's room. There were a bunch of tied up minions, all asleep because apparently they were tired from not being able to do anything. How long were they tied up? Dazzle wondered to herself. I gotta do everything around here, don't I...
Dazzle then had an idea. She took Nutello's laptop (for travelling), and pushed it onto a cart. Nutello then put small rockets on the cart and Dazzle sat on the cart. She then pressed some buttons on the rockets, and the cart zoomed forward, the rockets helping the cart dart out of Nutello's HQ. Dazzle hung on, trying to stay on the cart's wild ride. It zoomed around the corner and headed for Tiggerpaka's room.
Then, the cart stopped, slamming against the spiky door. Dazzle fell of the cart and rubbed her head. She then got to her feet and climbed up the chart and placed her paw on the paw scanner.
"Welcome Dazzle, pet of Nutello," said the voice. The doors opened, and Dazzle zoomed inside, seeing the tied up minions. They all woke up and looked at Dazzle in surprise, making "mmm!" noises, trying to say something to her, yet Dazzle obviously didn't understand.
Dazzle then halted in front of Tiggerpaka and went on YouTube. She went to the video she had been looking at that was uploaded by FirebladeTheEpic. She let the video load, then turned the laptop so Tiggerpaka could see it. As it began playing, and kept playing, Dazzle watched Tiggerpaka get madder, madder and madder at what the video was.

The plan worked as Dazzle predicted. Tiggerpaka got so mad he broke out of the binding ropes and duct tape over his mouth and began yelling. "WHO UPLOADED THAT VIDEO!?!" he roared at Dazzle.
Dazzle pointed to the name "FirebladeTheEpic".
"Tiggerpaka!" Nutello exclaimed. Somehow she had gotten free of the duct tape, it was hanging off to the side. "You're free, sir! Now untie us!"
"I am...?" Tiggerpaka observed his body. "I mean, I am, indeed!"
"Well, untie us, you dope!" Nutello snapped.
Tiggerpaka narrowed his eyes. "Don't talk to the Emperor like that, Nutello!" Tiggerpaka then untied Nutello and she jumped to her feet. Nutello ran over to Yoho to untie him, and as soon as she did, he started complaining loudly.
"Wha' in tarnation just 'appened?!" he exclaimed, "I be jus' sittin' 'ere mindin' my own bisness, and some shadow 'er somethin' 'ame on by and tie' me up! Who did such a darn thing?" he then rounded on Nutello, "did you prank me like dat, Nuthead?"
"I didn't!" Nutello narrowed her eyes.
"You'd better not have, I've been pranked by bullies in school 'fore, and my daddeh gave meh lessons on how ter tangle with d'em bullies! So you'se be'er not've done dat!" Yoho snapped.
"With his accent he's hard to take seriously," Cookie muttered.
"Whatever," Nutello dismissed the argument with a wave of her paw. "Good work, Dazzle," she acknowledged her rat, "now let's see if Tiredblade stole anything. And we need to set up some guards at the elevator in case we have any intruders. Also--"
"Nutello! Who's leader here?" Tiggerpaka glared.
"Sorry. Tiggerpaka, what are your orders?" Nutello asked.
"We need to see if Tiredblade stole anything. And we need to set up some guards at the elevator in case we have any intruders. Also, bring me some grubs, Cookie, I'm starving!" Tiggerpaka said.
"What's the magic word?" Cookie sang.
"Make me grubs or you're fired," Tiggerpaka snapped.
Round-eyed, nodding, Cookie darted off.
"Now, excuse me, everyone," Nutello said, picking up Dazzle and putting her rat on her shoulder, "I have some new inventions I've been working on to upgrade the HQ. I'm going to be a while."

Author's Note:
Can't wait to write about what Nutello's inventions are. :3

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Chapter 17: The Door in the Tree

Milne was sitting in a closet, drinking iced tea and eating a cookie. Recently, one of the minions had taken a liking to iced tea, and there was now a shortage around the base. Thankfully, Milne managed to pick up twenty or so gallons from the nearest supermarket before they were sold out, and had developed a routine which involved drinking two glasses a day in her closet, so the minion wouldn't find her.
Chomp. Chomp. Slurp.


The door was thrown wide open. Milne, with the cookie half way to her mouth, stared up at Nota Bene.
"Oh, hey!" Milne said, hiding the glass behind her back. She took another bite of cookie. "Whashup?"
Nota Bene was breathing hard, her chest rising up and down rapidly.
"" she panted. Milne sat up straight.
"Tireblade? Tiggerpaka's office? What are you talking about?" Realization dawned upon her. "Oh no!"
Without another word, Milne scampered out of the closet, with Nota Bene close behind. The tea glass was knocked over. The tea spread slowly on the ground, staining the carpet.

Milne and Nota Bene had left the headquarters. They were in the forest, jumping from branch to branch on the trees. Why didn't I work out more at the gym in headquarters? Milne though desperately, a searing stitch in her side. Nota Bene seemed to have recovered, and was breathing lightly.
"Where are we heading?" Nota Bene inquired. Milne just shook her head.
"You'll see."
10 minutes later, they had arrived at a massive oak tree. Nota Bene and Milne darted down the trunk. There, set in the roots, was a small door, just big enough for Milne, who was small for a cat, to enter. She knocked three times upon the door. The door opened, and a small head poked out. "Whaddya want?"
The head looked Milne up and down, and gasped. "My bad, ma'am. Come on in."
"You'd better stay out here," Milne whispered to Nota Bene, who nodded, and leaned up against the trunk. Milne walked through the small door, which slammed behind her. A bird chirped somewhere in branches above.

Milne walked behind the small figure ahead of her in the main hallway, which was in complete darkness. Suddenly, the hall opened up into a large, circular room, full of light. The source of the light was many shimmering lanterns filled with fireflies. The figure in front of her was revealed to be a small, cream-colored rabbit. "Wait here, ma'am. I'll go fetch the master." The rabbit scampered off down one of the many halls branching off from the circular room. A moment later, she returned with a rabbit, who was completely silver, from eartip to tail.
"Ah, Milne," he said smilingly. "How nice of you to return here! How may I be of assistance?"
Milne told him of the tensions between Tiggerpaka and Tireblade, and the trouble at headquarters. The rabbit shook his head. "I might have known. He is constantly up to no good." He paused. "But, I think I might have the solution to your problem." He paused again. "I think what you need is the Black Brigade."

Author's Note:

Is it okay if I do the next chapter?
I'll have it out by Saturday!


Friday, June 14, 2013

Chapter 16: Normal (or is it..)

Nota Bene looked at her screen. Everybody was coming home. But where was Yoho? He must have gotten left behind. Thought Nota Bene. Good. She took out some headphones and started to listed to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity music. She prepared for Tiggerpaka to snatch then off. But he diddn't. She listened quietly as everybody came in. Only praise for Dazzle. Ok. I may not be the star, but i tried my best. She thought. She turned her music to full volume and watched the screens. Time when by. Soon, it was midnight.
       "Tiggerpaka...." Said Nota Bene. "Is my shift over, I really need to sleep." she listened for a response.  There was none. "Not funny." Nota Bene clumbed out of the chair and stumbled over to the kitchen. "Cookie-" She started to say, but nobody was there. She got herself a glass of warm milk, then walked back to the chair. Then, she thought of something. What if everybody forgot me? She looked on the screen. A dragon was patrolling the territory. No, it shouldn't lead to that. Nota Bene closed her eyes and fell asleep.


Nota Bene sleepily opened her eyes. Oh no! she thought. I overslept! She climbed out of the chair and thought. Tiggerpaka did not force me up today. She thought a little more, then went to go look for the others. she looked through room after room after room, but nobody was there.
          "Cookie!" Nota Bene called. "Nutellllo! Tiggerpaka!" She got a little worried. "Anybody?" The only room left was Tiggerpaka's office. Nota Bene took a deep breath and entered. Everybody was tied up. Nota Bene gasped. When Tirebelade noticed her, she ran for cover. Smoke bomb after smoke bomb as aimed at her, but she dodged. She noticed a tree. She ran for it, and climbed to the top. Then, she leapt from tree to tree. In the treetops, she ran faster and faster to catch up with Tireblade's minions, who help the K.Oed members of Tiggerpaka's force, including Tiggerpaka. I may be their only hope...

AN:Keep. The. Action. Everybody. Untie. Yourselves. I. D. C.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Chapter 15: Helga's Nagging

Dazzle then looked around at the other hypnotized minions. She pressed a button on her ninja mask to turn the hypnotized-like eyes off, and then scurried away. She looked at the other minions, especially eyeing Nutello, who, if possible, looked more stupid than before with her round, buggy eyes and body that was walking weirdly. Everyone looked like zombies due to the hypnotism.
Suddenly, Dazzle's walky-talky made a noise. Dazzle hid in a hole in the ground and pressed a button on the walky-talky. It was Nota Bene's voice. "Note Bene to Dazzle! Nota Bene to Dazzle! Over?" demanded the voice. It was high-pitched because of how small the walky-talky was.
Dazzle didn't respond, so Nota Bene's voice kept talking. "Good, you're there. I sent Cup's army to help you out. Over," said Nota Bene, and Dazzle turned the walky-talky off. Dazzle crawled back out of the hole and looked at the minions, who were walking rather slowly still.
"Perhaps I should have installed a 'fast' button," muttered Tiredblade. I would describe his appearance, but I'm too lazy, so let's just focus on Dazzle for now because she's a boss.
So yeah. Dazzle then flinched as a red alarm flashed and a sound came on. Tiredblade gasped. "That's my 'missile coming', alarm!" he gasped. "Tiggerpaka's minions! Go in a room somewhere so you're out of the way!" he exclaimed. The minions did as they were told without questioning, and walked into the closest room nearby. Tiredblade then picked up his own walky-talky. "Fireblade to Myface. Fireblade to Myface!" he exclaimed.
"Myface here," said a voice.
"Myface! There's a missile heading for us. Install the forcefield!" Tiredblade ordered.
"On it, Emperor of the Awesome Earth!" exclaimed Myface's voice. The alarms turned off.
Meanwhile, up above, the missile heading for Tiredblade's base hit a forcefield and splattered onto it like a bug on a windshield. Nice going, missile makers.
"Ha! That was pathetic," snorted Tiredblade.
Suddenly, a phone started ringing. Dazzle scurried towards the phone to hear what it was saying when Tiredblade would pick it up. He did so, then talked into the phone. "Fireblade Inc., Emperor of the Awesome Earth, Eternal Enemy of Tiggerpaka speaking."
"Tiredblade?" said a voice, unmistakably belonging to Helga, Tiggerpaka's wife. Dazzle perked her ears to be able to listen better. "Tiredblade! I understand you two boys have been playing again, and Tiggerpaka needs to return in time for dinner! Can you tell him to come home?"
"What? First off, the name is FIREBLADE!" Tiredblade roared, "Second of all, this is no GAME, WOMAN! I have Tiggerpaka under my control so there's no use in trying to get him out of it! So LEAVE THE PHONE!"
"Your voice sounds weird!" exclaimed Helga, "and I'll bet you need to clean up around your headquarters, too! I mean, I saw that missile heading for you, but it must've disintegrated when it smelled the stench! I also hear you never take showers! How unsanitary! Plus, you never seem to take anything seriously! Stop playing your little game, please, Tiggerpaka and his friends need to come home! And--"
Dazzle didn't pay attention much more, because everything seemed to be coming out as "yak, yak, yak, yak, yak, yak". Tiredblade seemed to be being tortured.
"Stop, STOP! I thought I was the master of torture, but obviously I got competition! If I let Tiggerpaka come home, will you PLEASE STOP NAGGING ME?" Tiredblade begged, "please?!"
"Alright, mister, you'd better bring Tiggerpaka home or you'll be in the time-out chair!" Helga said.
Dazzle then watched as Tiredblade pressed a button, and all the minions ran out of the room, all back to normal.
"What the glob just happened?!" demanded Wolfward.
Nutello rubbed her head. "All I remember is--" she then saw Tiredblade. "GAH! TIREDBLADE RUN!" With that, all the minions ran out of the base.
Tiggerpaka glared at Tiredblade. "We shall meet again!" and he ran out. Dazzle scurried out after.

Author's Note:
Hurr hurr.